Short funny video of a cat being a dick.

This one makes me press replay a lot. Keep the sound up.

is that the cat making those noises??





WHY ISN’T IT TAGGED, WHYYYYY. I shall feex eet.

This is from “A Gathering of Cats” by Makoto Shinkai. It’s a one-minute short, and you can watch the whole thing here.

Truest shit I’ve seen since Chi’s Sweet Home, y’all. Truest shit.

That was one the most amazing things I have ever watched.

…I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. XD

That’s cats. Right there.

real rap

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cats are such beautiful assholes

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Cat facts. [x]


Cat facts. [x]

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Panda the cat snatches chicken from a little boy. 

mod note: if there’s one thing i love more than cats being assholes, it’s cats being assholes to children